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Pinned Article Software: How do I purchase or get access to software?

It depends on your affiliation with UWRF, what type of software you are seeking, and where it will be installed.

Pinned Article University Computer: Standard Software

Software automatically included on university-owned computers.

Adobe Acrobat CC: Not starting up on a Mac

Reinstall through Creative Cloud, not Self Service.

Adobe Creative Cloud: I'm getting asked to log in and I cannot

Adobe changed their way of doing business.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Licensing

High level Adobe Creative Cloud licensing, installation.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Your license is expiring

Adobe changed their way of doing business.

Adobe Reader DC: Signing a PDF Document

How to digitally sign a PDF document.

Adobe: "Unable to Open PDF" binder message in browser

Open the file in either Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Adobe Acrobat DC.

Audio Conferencing

Web and audio conferencing options.

BP Logix: Frequently Asked Questions

All about submitting electronic forms and the processes that are used with the forms.

Camtasia: Camtasia 9 cannot load the library

Camtasia error when off campus.


UWRF's digital learning environment.

Canvas (Instructors): Copy To and Send To Course Content from One Course to Another

Don't cross list a course once a semester starts. Instead, "copy to" or "send to".

Canvas (Instructors): Create A Sandbox Course

Help with creating a master course.

Canvas (Instructors): Enabling Respondus LockDown Browser

Let your students have access to it early.

Canvas (Instructors): Publish Your Course

How to publish (activate) your course.

Canvas (Instructors): Sending Grades to eSIS

How to send grades from Canvas to eSIS.

Canvas (Instructors): Setup Respondus LockDown Browser for an iPad

So students can use LockDown Browser on iPads.

Canvas (Instructors): Turnitin

Analyze for originality and proper citations.

Canvas (Instructors): UDOIT Accessibility Checker

Helping to address common accessibility issues.

Canvas (Students): Getting Started

Introductory help with Canvas.

Canvas (Students): I can't access my course

It could be that your information hasn't made it into Canvas or the instructor has things set up in Canvas so that you cannot see content at this time.

Canvas (Students): Respondus LockDown Browser

An introduction and some instructions.

Canvas (Students): VoiceThread Lectures

A collaborative software for lectures and discussions.

Canvas: Adding TAs to a roster

They may need to accept two invites.

Canvas: Canvas Integration Support

Your first step in troubleshooting Canvas Integrations.

Canvas: Is Canvas down?


Canvas: Respondus LockDown Browser will not install; feature transfer error

Turn off Virus & Threat Protection, install, and then turn Virus & Threat Protection back on again.

Canvas: Support 24/7/365

Need Canvas help? Contact Canvas 24/7/365.

Canvas: Where is Cengage?

The setup process: Instructor → Textbook Services → DoTS.

Canvas: Zoom Error "Warning: User does not exist"

What to do when getting a "user does not exist" error.

Chalk & Wire: Cannot log in

Teacher Certification Portfolio software

Cisco Jabber: 911 Response Location

Get your 911 location info into Jabber.

Cisco Jabber: FAQs

Common Jabber application questions/answers.

Cisco Jabber: Installation

Get the software that allows you to make/receive phone calls.

Cisco Jabber: Navigation

How to call, check voicemail, log into/out of hunt groups, etc.

Cisco Jabber: Problem Report Tool (PRT)

How to report a Jabber call issue.

Class Climate: Course Evaluations

How students complete the end of term course evaluation survey.

CommonSpot and Web Site Development

Using UWRF's website content management system

CommonSpot: How do I do (something) on the website?

Lots of info on how we use CommonSpot at UWRF.

CommonSpot: Standards and Guidelines

Things to remember when authoring in CommonSpot

Degree Audit Report

Degree audit reports are available via eSIS.

Degree Audit Report: Error when adding a "what if" minor

The minor might not exist in the selected catalog year.

Degree Audit Report: ORA-12154 Error While Running Desktop Software that Connects to an Oracle Database

How to verify the TNS_ADMIN variable is correct and how to change it if it isn't.

DisplayLink: "Your screen is being observed"

I'm not recording a screen. What is going on?

eduroam: I can connect at UWRF but not at other eduroam institutions

Your username is your entire UWRF email address.

eduroam: I can connect on my campus but not at UWRF

Is your username your full campus email address?

eduroam: Macbook unable to connect to eduroam

Removing ise-pol certs might work.

eduroam: MacOS

Common wireless network configurations.

eSIS Student Information System

UWRF's student information system.

eSIS: Former Student Access

How former students request access to eSIS.

eSIS: Granting Access to Others

Giving access to your eSIS account to other people.

eSIS: How to Access an Account Created for You

How to log into an account that was created for you by the account owner.

eSIS: Unable to make a payment

Could be popup blockers.

FalconShare: Group/Committee Folder

Collaborate with colleagues using FalconShare group or committee folders.

Foswiki: Logging In

About your username and logging into Foswiki.

Google Workspace (G Suite) / Google Apps: Support at UWRF

Google Apps support is provided for collaboration with other entities but is not UWRF's primary collaboration platform.

Humane Handling Institute Courses: Student Self-Enrollment

For Continuing Education students that do not have a UWRF email address/password.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Disabling Cookies in Safari

Turning off Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

Kaltura My Media: Uploading Media Files

Canvas has a student-centered media content repository powered by Kaltura.

LinkedIn Learning


Microsoft 365: A1 License Changes Coming August 2024

License currently used by emeriti, honored retirees, and grace-access employees.

Microsoft Office 365: Apps

Office 365 apps that are supported by UWRF and those that are not.

Microsoft Office 365: Blocked Attachments

Restricting certain file types to block malicious cyber-attacks.

Microsoft Office 365: Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Service

DLP helps prevent people from accidentally sending sensitive information via email.

Microsoft Office 365: How do I share a large file?

OneDrive and we have the steps to do so.

Microsoft Office 365: I clicked a link in a phishing email

I think someone knows more about me than I want them to.

Microsoft Office 365: Impersonation Protection

An email appears similar to someone who previously sent you email, but may not be that person.

Microsoft Office 365: Installing on Your Personal Computer

You can install Office 365 on your personal device.

Microsoft Office 365: Invalid username or password

It could be a brute force attack against your account.

Microsoft Office 365: OneDrive for Business at UWRF

An overview of OneDrive for Business.

Microsoft Office 365: Rebuilding Your Outlook Profile

One of the first troubleshooting steps.

Microsoft Office 365: Resolve Sync Error

How to fix sync errors showing up in Outlook.

Microsoft Office 365: Safe Attachments

Helping to keep you safe from bad email attachments.

Microsoft Office 365: Safe Links

Helping to keep you safe from bad websites.

Microsoft Office 365: Saving to a Remote SharePoint Site

A workaround in Office 365 products to add a SharePoint site to your "Save As" options.

Microsoft Office 365: Slow Boot / Old Programs Opening on on Macs

Have Microsoft apps load more quickly on Macs.

Microsoft Office 365: Teams

Welcome to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams: How to re-enable the add-in for Outlook.

How to enable/re-enable the Microsoft teams add-in for Outlook.

Microsoft Teams: Recording and Sharing a Video

Record and share a meeting video using Microsoft Teams.

MyTech Portal

A general overview.

Navigate (Faculty): Importing your Class Schedule into Outlook Calendar

Configure your faculty Outlook calendar so students can schedule advising sessions.

Printing: Web portal does not upload documents

Clear your browser's cache and cookies.

Qualtrics: Account has expired

Talk with Institutional Research.

Remark Test Analysis: Scantron Form Reports

Analysis software for scanned answer sheet forms.

Screen Sharing Applications: Macs cannot share screen

Might need to change screen recording and screen sharing permissions for macOS 10.15 Catalina and higher.

Self Service: How to Install macOS/iOS Software

Steps to install software via Self Service.

Software Center: Business Hours Settings

How to move software maintenance activities on UWRF workstations to outside your working hours.

Software Center: Windows Software Installation

Getting to know Software Center.

Software Purchasing: What DoTS Needs From You

The steps for purchasing software for use on university-owned devices.

Software: Access to Autodesk Inventor

Make sure you are using the correct portal.

Software: iPhone/Android image doesn't work on a PC

Blame Microsoft. Here are various ways to make it work.

SPSS: "Your license will expire in XX Days." -or- not found in Software Center or Self Service

UW System renews the SPSS license annually. Even though you might get warning messages, the timing is such where you should continue to have access.

Streaming Video Services

Includes Films on Demand and Kanopy.

Supported Business Software

A list of DoTS-supported software at UWRF.


TeamDynamix provides PPM (Project Portfolio Management) and ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) software for UWRF.

Troubleshooting: Clearing Browser Cache

Steps for Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android.

UWRF Class Schedule: Download/Import Your Schedule

Get your class schedule on your calendar.

VMware Horizon Client: Installation Instructions (Mac)

How to install the VMware Horizon client (which is used to access the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment at UWRF) on personal Mac devices.

VMware Horizon Client: Installation Instructions (Windows)

How to install the VMware Horizon client (which is used to access the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environment at UWRF) on personal Windows devices.

Webex Teams: Delete a Space

Removing an unwanted "space" (conversation area).

WebEx: Event Hosting

Steps on hosting an event.

Windows 11: Free up disk space for upgrade

Steps to take to free up disk space for Windows 11 upgrades.

Windows 11: Update Instructions via Software Center

Instructions for in-place upgrades from Windows 10 to Windows 11 via Software Center.

Windows 11: What You Need to Know

Windows 11 deployment info.

Windows Explorer: "Network Discovery is Turned Off"

I'm trying to access a network drive (T:\, S:\, O:\) and I'm getting a message that "Network discovery is turned off."


Zoom is available through a UW System license.


Zoom is available through a UW System license.

Zoom Desktop Client: Signing In

SSO option with "wisconsin-edu" as the domain.

Zoom Desktop Client: Signing In

SSO option with "wisconsin-edu" as the domain.