Microsoft Office 365: UWRF email messages are not syncing to my device when using a non-Outlook app

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Issue: My UWRF email messages are not syncing to my phone's app

Environment: UWRF email, email app, application

Resolution: DoTS recommends that the Outlook app be used with UWRF email on mobile devices and tablets. In order for emails to sync correctly, remove the UWRF email account from the non-Outlook app. For example, in the Gmail app do this:

  1. Open the Gmail application
  2. In the top left corner, click the menu button (three lines)
  3. Select the email account you want removed and make sure it is highlighted 
  4. Select remove and confirm 
  5. Then, install the Outlook app and add the UWRF email account to the Outlook app


Article ID: 62312
Fri 9/14/18 9:37 AM
Wed 2/10/21 8:43 AM