Microsoft Teams: Recording and Sharing a Video

Microsoft Teams is one of our our current university-supported chat platforms. All university employees have access to Microsoft Teams on their university-owned computer. If you do not have this application already installed, you can download and install from the Microsoft 365 site.

Recording a Video

  1. Login into Microsoft Teams using your Falcon Account username and password
  2. On the left-side of your screen select the Calendar icon 
  3. On the upper-right corner of the calendar screen select the Meet now button 
  4. From the "Meeting with (your name)" screen, turn on your camera by toggling on the camera icon. If you don’t see yourself, you may need to select the gear icon and play with your audio/video settings) 
  5. Once you see yourself on the screen, select Join now 
  6. Select  (ellipses icon) 
  7. When ready, select Start recording 
  8. When finished recording, select  (ellipses icon)
  9. Select Stop recording 

Once processed (this can take several minutes depending on size), you will receive an email notification that the video is available.

Sharing a Video

Before sharing your video, set permissions so people can see the content. 

  1. Once you receive the email, select the link to your video 
  2. From the My Content drop down in the top banner, select Videos 
  3. Select the pencil icon associated with your video (far right side of screen) 
  4. Change the name of your video. This is optional, but you probably want to do this.
  5. Set permissions 
    • If you are sending this to a specific person using the Share with dropdown, select People and add the person as "Owner" -or-
    • check the box to Allow everyone in your company to view this video (This is not a notification to everyone; simply that everyone on campus could view your video if they had the link.) 
  6. Select Share 
  7. You are redirected to a screen with a link. Copy the link or Email the person or group. Those with permissions to view will be able to see your video.
  8. You are now back at the permissions window. Select Apply in order for the permissions you set to be saved.


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