Microsoft Office 365: Teams

What is Microsoft Teams?

Think of Teams as a portal to Office 365. Its chat, files, user-created groups of people (teams), and ultimately a way to combine these things together for an enhanced collaboration space. It can be used as a meeting tool, easily and quickly pulling people together for video chats and group work. It allows for file sharing and real time collaboration with team members. It can be as simple as chat, or as robust as your imagination.

We have faculty using it to help facilitate remote classes, we have staff using it for project management and collaboration, and we have student government exploring use-cases.

How do I start using Microsoft Teams?

To log into Teams on the web, visit our Office 365 knowledge article, follow the Teams link, and sign in with your Falcon Account credentials. There is also a client available. Faculty/staff workstations already have the client application installed. If you do not have the client installed on your university computer, you can download directly from Microsoft or contact DoTS for assistance.

How can I learn more about Microsoft Teams?

Linkedin Learning, available to all faculty, staff and students has some great, short, MS Teams trainings*. Please visit Linkedin Learning for more information and to view all the resources available. Linked-in Learning is another great resource we encourage you to explore, not just for Teams, but for a large repository of great training resources.

*There may be discrepancies between official Microsoft training and our local environment. For example, we do not tie our phone system into MS Teams.


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