Canvas (Students): Microsoft Teams Meetings

Microsoft Teams Meetings allows your instructors, your classmates, and you to meet using the MS Teams webconferencing tool. As a student, you have the option to set up MS Teams Meetings in MS Teams or in the Rich Content Editor spaces in Canvas. 

Google Chrome is the recommended browser.

Joining a Teams Meeting

  1. To join a Teams Meeting created in your Canvas course, select the designated meeting link that your instructor has created. (This will most likely be posted as a page, assignment, or announcement made by the instructor.) You may be prompted to log in.
  2. Follow any prompts to log in through using your UWRF email address and password. Note: if the browser opens to your Office desktop, you are already logged in.
  3. Once you have logged in, select the meeting link provided by your course instructor.
  4. At this point, you may be prompted to allow Microsoft permissions. Select Accept to continue.
  5. You now have the option on how you would like to join the meeting. If you already have the Microsoft Teams app installed, it will ask to open that app; if you do not have the app installed, we recommend using the Continue on this Browser option. (We do not recommend using the Windows App method.)
  6. Prior to joining the meeting, you are shown a prompt asking for Teams to use your microphone. Select Allow.
  7. There are bars next to the video and audio options. If you slide a bar to the left, a crossed out icon is displayed signifying others in the meeting will not be able to see or hear you. Select Join now when ready.

Note: MS Teams Meetings integration into Canvas is not the same as the MS Teams desktop application external to Canvas. For further information about the MS Teams desktop application, please see Microsoft Teams: Recording and Sharing a Video.

Creating a Meeting using Outlook Calendar

With this option, create a meeting (or reoccurring meeting) on your Outlook calendar, copy the meeting link and share it.

Creating a Meeting using Canvas Rich Content Editor

With this option, for best results, you and your classmates should have the latest version of MS Teams downloaded to your local devices. Further, you may find creating an MSTeams team for your class groups necessary for full functionality of the tools.

  1. In the course Rich Content Editor area, select the plug-shaped apps button.
  2. In the drop down menu, select Microsoft Teams Meetings.
  3. A pop-up opens and you are prompted to sign in. Another pop-up appears where you sign in using your UWRF email address and your Falcon Account password.

  1. Once signed in, select Create Meeting Link. Note: The meeting will be scheduled and hosted in the Microsoft Teams Meetings application.
  2. Enter the meeting details and then select Create.

  1. You see a confirmation page on the screen that the meeting has been created. You have the option to copy the meeting link.
  2. The meeting link appears in the area where it was added to Canvas. Students are able to join the meeting with the link that was created.

Using the Chat Feature

  1. The chat feature can be used by clicking the square message/chat icon on the tool bar in MS Teams.
  2. All chats sent during the meeting are stored in a chat channel. To access this channel after the meeting select open Microsoft Teams and select Chat.

  1. Choose the chat from the meeting and scroll to read the chats.

Recording a Meeting 

  1. When the meeting begins, select the options icon and select Start recording and Start transcription.  
  2. When the meeting has ended, you can stop the recording and the transcription. This generates video and transcription files in your OneDrive. The files in a folder titled Recordings can be shared as needed.

Note: Attendees are not able to record the meeting. Only the meeting organizer or presenters are able to record.

Live Captions

Anyone attending a meeting can Turn on live captions during the meeting.


How to use the Microsoft Teams Whiteboard

Whiteboard integration is only available through the web client, not the desktop app.
  1. After the meeting has started, select the Share icon.
  2. Select Whiteboard, then Microsoft Whiteboard.
  3. To write on the board, select the pen icon. To type on the board, select the Note or Text icon and begin to type.

If the meeting is being recorded, anything written on the whiteboard will NOT be recorded. To access the board after the meeting has ended, select the meeting chat and select the tab Whiteboard or view it in the Board Gallery within the Teams app.

Sharing your meeting video link (Submitting your assignment)

After receiving the video email notification, you can share the link with your study groups in your class and your instructor. Here are 3 options for submitting a recorded meeting video for an assignment: video link, file upload, or text entry.

Video Link

  1. Open up the assignment in your Canvas course.
  2. Select submit assignment.
  3. Paste your video link into the Rich Content Editor box.
  4. Submit the assignment.

File Upload

If you select the File Upload option, you are able to select the video from any location on your computer. Once the file has been uploaded, select submit assignment.

Text Entry

If you select the Text Entry option, you are able to upload a video that has been saved to your My Media. To upload:

  1. Select the V to vew more external tools.
  2. Select Embed Kaltura Media.
  3. A new window appears. If you have not already uploaded a video to My Media, see the knowledge base article Kaltura My Media space: How to Upload and Share a Video File for help.

  1. Once the video has been uploaded, you can add any comments that you would like for your instructor to see. You can also play back the video to test the quality.

  1. Submit the assignment.


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