Kaltura MediaSpace: How to Upload and Share a Video File

Kaltura MediaSpace is the video portal for University of Wisconsin System institutions participating in the Digital Learning Environment (DLE). Instructors, students, and staff can use it to easily upload, store, stream, and share (or restrict) videos. Many of these video features are available through Kaltura's Canvas integration but MediaSpace also allows users to manage or publish their media outside of Canvas. Do not upload copyrighted materials. Instructors interested in using copyrighted videos in their courses should contact Library Services for information about obtaining copyrighted videos for instructional use.

Kaltura Through Canvas

Uploading a Video file

If you have a video recorded on a computer, mobile device, or camera, you can upload it to Kaltura MediaSpace to easily share. First, save or transfer your video file to your computer. We recommend MP4 as the file type but Kaltura is able to accept most video file types and most resolutions. Next, you have two choices to get into Kaltura:

  1. Log into Canvas
  2. Select Account on the Global Navigation pane
  3. Select My Media

  1. Select Add New

  1. Select Media Upload
  2. Check the box to agree
  3. Select Choose a file to upload
  4. Select the desired file
  5. Select Open
  6. Fill out the details of the video
  7. Select Save

image details including Name, Description, Tags, Add Collaborator, Private, Unlisted or Published settings

Kaltura MediaSpace (Outside Canvas)

Uploading a Video File

  1. Log into Kaltura MediaSpace (mediaspace.wisconsin.edu ) 
    • If you are not already logged in, select Guest in the top right and select Log In
  2. Select Add New
  3. Choose Media Upload

  1. Check the box to agree
  2. Select Choose a file to upload
  3. Select the desired file
  4. Select Open
  5. Fill out the details of the video
  6. Select Save

Sharing a Video from My Media

Now that you have a video file saved in My Media, you can easily share it with others.

  1. Select My Media and select the video you just uploaded. Select Share
  2. Copy the link to this video and paste it where you would like to share it online or in an email message to someone you want to share it with. You may also insert it directly into the Canvas rich content editor box.
  3. If the video is set to Unlisted in the settings, the URL may be shared as well.

Download a Video File

  1. Select the desired video to view it.
  2. Select Actions > Edit.
  3. Select the download icon (folder with down arrow) from the bottom of the video preview.
  4. Select Save File to save it to your default folder on your computer, usually Desktop or Downloads.
  5. Select OK.

Delete Video Files

  1. In the My Media list, check the box next to each video you want to delete.
  2. Select Actions > Delete.
  3. Select Delete to confirm deletion.

User Analytics

The User Analytics dashboard enables you to discover all the activities a specific user performed on the platform. You can view a user’s dashboard by selecting the Analytics dashboard from the Contribution dashboard or the Engagement dashboard.

Additional Resources

For more information on Kaltura MediaSpace, both standalone and through Canvas, please check the links below to our UW-System articles.