Canvas: Kaltura Capture Desktop Recorder

Kaltura Capture allows you to record your computer screen, webcam, voice only, or screen and webcam together. It has a few editing options and automatically uploads to your Kaltura MediaSpace account. Here is a video on using Kaltura Capture.

Installing Capture from My Media

  1. In Canvas, select Account in the Global Navigation toolbar.
  2. Select My Media
  3. Select Add New
  4. Select Kaltura Capture

  1. If you are using Kaltura Capture in Canvas for the first time, select Download for Windows or Download for Mac.
  2. Save the .MSI or DMG file.
  3. For Windows
    • From Downloads, launch the KalturaCapture MSI file
    • Select OK to run it.
    • Walk through the installation
  4. For MAC
    • Run the DMG file and move the Kaltura Capture recorder to Applications
  5. Select Login or Authorize, if prompted.
  6. Select Add New and then Kaltura Capture.
  7. The Launch Application dialog box appears.

  1. Highlight Kaltura Capture and select Open Link.
  2. Kaltura Capture opens.

  1. Choose your options from left to right
    1. Record Button
    2. WebCam
    3. Screen
    4. Microphone
  2. When you click record, your options from left to right
    1. Stop Recording
    2. Pause
    3. Cancel Recording
    4. The Timer
    5. Microphone
    6. Tools
  3. You get a countdown before you start recording. The menu bar minimizes while you record. To view it, select the Capture icon. 
  4. Select Stop Recording when you are finished recording. A dialogue box will appear asking if you are sure. Choose Yes, Stop it.
  5. You get a preview of your recording with options to:
    1. Change the Title
    2. Add a Description
    3. Add Tags
    4. Save locally or Save and Upload
  6. When you Save and Upload, a local copy is automatically saved.
    1. Windows in C:\Users\w#\AppData\Local\Kaltura\Capture\Recordings
    2. Mac in ~/Library/Preferences/Kaltura/Capture/Recordings/
  7. When the video is done uploading, select Close to exit the recorder.

Uploading a video if you are using a computer in a classroom vs. work/personal PC

  1. In Canvas, go to Account, My Media
  2. Select Login or Authorize, if prompted.
  3. Select Add New and then Kaltura Capture
  4. Select a file to upload
  5. Once the upload shows 100%, the complete file will upload in My Media offline.
  6. Select Save

Occasionally, due to Capture updates, you may prompted to open Capture from Add New again to make sure your desktop application is updated. If so, follow steps 1 to 8 at the top to re-install the updated application.

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