Software Center: Windows Software Installation

Software Center is part of Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM), a suite of products used by UW-River Falls to manage campus-owned Windows devices. Software Center is the delivery mechanism for software updates and application installations on Windows systems.

Where do I find Software Center?

The easiest way to find Software Center is to search for it. Click the Windows button ("Start") and type Software Center.

Alternatively, Software Center can be found in the Start Menu under the Microsoft Endpoint Manager folder.

Software Center Components

The main Software Center window is broken down into several components. These components are accessed via the list on the left side of the window outlined in blue below.

Note: The software available may be different based on who you are and which system you are logged into.


This tab contains applications that are available to be installed without needing to contact DoTS and without local administrative permissions. Popular titles include Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Select the desired application, then the red Install button and the application will automatically install on the workstation.


This tab contains Windows and other software updates that are deployed to campus workstations. Keeping Windows and applications up to date is critical to maintaining the security of campus workstations. Updates are deployed on a regular basis and many require a restart once installed. Select the Updates tab to view available updates for the workstation. Select the red Install All button to install all the listed updates. You will be prompted to restart at the update deadline.

Installation Status

This tab contains information on installed applications, updates, and pending system restarts. Selecting an item in this list will bring up additional information about the application and removal options if applicable.

Device Compliance

This tab contains information regarding the compliance status of the workstation with policies set for campus-owned workstations.


This tab contains information regarding the configuration of Software Center on the device. These settings are typically set by policy and may not be changeable.


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