Microsoft Teams: "Sorry, something went wrong" message when trying to open Excel spreadsheets

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Issue: I cannot open Excel spreadsheets from the file menu in Microsoft Teams. I can open other types of files. The error message I get is, "Sorry, something went wrong. Could you please try that again?"

Environment: PC, 32-bit Microsoft Teams


  1. Determine what version of Microsoft Teams is being run: Ellipses to the left of your profile picture → About → Version
    • Something like this appears near the top of the client: "You have Microsoft Teams Version x.x.xx.xxxxx (32-bit). It was last updated on xx/xx/xxxx."
  2. If you have a 32-bit version, update it to 64-bit by installing from Software Center


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Tue 11/2/21 1:00 PM
Tue 11/2/21 1:01 PM

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