Photoshop: Unable to open images on external monitors

Tags Incident

Issue: When attempting to open an image for editing on an external monitor, the Photoshop window starts "ghosting" - making multiple copies of tool pallettes across the display.  The image to be edited may not appear in the main editing window, instead showing a image of the previous Photoshop screen. If Photoshop is opened on the main laptop display, the image appears as expected.

Environment: Adobe Photoshop 2019, Dell DisplayLink Docking Stations (D3100, D6000), external monitors.

Resolution: Disable graphics acceleration in Photoshop by unchecking the "Use Graphics Acceleration" box at the following location:  Edit > Preferences > Performance. This issue is caused by Photoshop expecting graphics acceleration which the Dell DisplayLink docking stations do not support.


Article ID: 67381
Mon 11/19/18 8:16 AM
Thu 5/30/19 1:30 PM