Microsoft Office 365: Saving to a Remote SharePoint Site

If you have previously saved to a Microsoft Teams, Group or SharePoint site you will be able to choose that from your previous Sites - University of Wisconsin - River Falls locations when you choose Save As


If you use the Add a Place option, you will encounter a loop where Microsoft does not direct you to the correct location to add a site.

Workaround (in Windows)

If you have not previously saved to a site, you will need to add it using this workaround. After doing this then you will see it in your frequent list.

  1. Go to the SharePoint site that you are attempting to save a file into (from the files option in Outlook, the group or the Microsoft team). A web browser is launched and you are taken to the associated SharePoint site.
  2. From the web browser, copy the URL from the browser's navigation bar. You will have a URL such as
  3. Go to the Office 365 product and choose Save As and select browse (the same option you might use to save to the T: drive) and a Save As window opens
  4. At the top of the Save As window, click into the box that likely says This PC > Documents
  5. Paste in the URL that you copied from your web browser and modify it, removing the last two pieces and you will have something like:
  6. Press <Enter> on your keyboard and it will attempt to connect to that site and a list of libraries will appear
  7. Double click on the Documents library option
  8. You can now navigate into any existing folders and save your document. (You cannot create folders from here; you have to first do that on the web in step 1.)


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