Google Earth: Unable to open township grid file

Tags Incident

Issue: I am unable to open a township grid file provided for my class to be used with Google Earth. 

Environment: Student personal device*, Google Earth, Biology 150, BIOL 150, BIOL150


If you intend on using the Google Earth desktop client,

  1. Download the file (township grid layer) and the Google Earth desktop application from the Google Earth website
  2. Open the Google Earth desktop client
  3. Select File > Open > Select and select the township grid file. It should be in the Places drop-down menu.
  4. Zoom in on northern Minnesota/Wisconsin to help the township grids load. It will take a few minutes to load.

If you intend on using Google Earth on the web,

  1. Using Google Chrome, open Google Earth
  2. To view KML files, select Menu > Settings > Enable KML file import > Save
    • The settings you change are only for the device on which you saved them
  3. On the left, select My Places > Import KML file
  4. Choose the location of the file you want to upload
  5. Select and open the KML file. A preview of the list will open in Google Earth.
  6. To keep these places in your list, Save

*Google Earth is available in campus computer labs and in Software Center for download on university-owned workstations.


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