BP Logix: Frequently Asked Questions

What is BP Logix?
BP Logix is a business process management (BPM) company that offers a complete form and process automation tool to help change the way we can operate.

BP Logix's Process Director enables us to deploy sophisticated, forms-based, workflow-driven apps in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional development. It is a cloud application that provides us with business process automation and advanced predictive capabilities -- without programming. Process Timeline technology (workflow) makes business processes predictable, offering a unique modeling capability that measures and anticipates process execution times.

How does BP Logix work?

Who uses BP Logix?
BP Logix is a software that is available across the University of Wisconsin system. This platform is used to transition processes to a digital workflow from legacy methods such as paper or other software solutions. Any new requests for digital forms and workflow are developed using BP Logix Process Director. These forms are deployed and available on a profile called UWRF BP Logix Profile (https://uwrf.bplogix.net) and may be used by students, faculty and staff and the general public.  Profiles, permissions and workflow control which forms each group will be able to use.

How do I access BP Logix Forms?
There are several ways you can access the BP Logix Forms:

  • Students, faculty and staff can go direct to the BP Logix profile at https://uwrf.bplogix.net.
  • The UWRF web sub-sites may also provide links to the correct BP Logix forms used by specific departments and colleges.
  • A menu of student forms is also provided on the BP Logix subsite https://www.uwrf.edu/bplogix/index.cfm

How are BP Logix forms different than our current web forms?
Navigation in the BP Logix forms is similar to navigation in existing web forms including standard input fields (ie: text boxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, etc.) and standard input requirements (ie: optional vs. required). Some forms have advanced functionality such as pre-filled fields, arrays and conditional input rules. After the form is submitted, each form will have a timeline (workflow) and Knowledge View (report) attached. The forms are interactive and transparent for both the user and the process owner.

How will I know that my form submission was successful?
Most of the forms trigger a confirmation notification to your UWRF email account. Some forms have an immediate on-screen notification. You can also go to the View Forms in Process tab on your UWRF BP Logix Profile to see the current status on any active form that you are connected to.

What do I do if my submission is not successful?
If you did not receive a confirmation email:

  1. Give it a little more time for the email to be delivered to your inbox.
  2. Check your junk mail box
  3. Check your UWRF BP Logix Profile
    • If the form is on the View Forms in Process tab, the submission was successful and the notification may still show up in your inbox.
    • If the form is on the My Tasks tab, the submission was not complete. You can open the form here and finish the submission.
  4. If you still do not see the form on any of the available tabs, please resubmit the form.

Note:  If you receive the confirmation email but you do not see the form on your View Forms in Process tab on your UWRF BP Logix profile, contact DoTS so that we can help troubleshoot the issue. Any questions about the actual process should be directed to the process owner.

Who do I contact if I have questions or suggestions about the form I’m completing?
Contact the department responsible for the form. For example, contact Human Resources for questions on a hiring form. If there are system issues with the process, complete a BP Logix process request in the service catalog or contact DoTS.

Do I need to complete my form in one session?
Most forms provide the ability to save the form without submitting. You can resume work on the form by navigating to your My Tasks tab on your UWRF BP Logix Profile.

Why do I sometimes get a loading icon when filling out a form? 
Sometimes when you submit or approve a form, the processing takes longer and you see a loading icon. Do not try to submit the form again or close the window; just wait until it stops processing.

What is the difference between initiate, approve, transfer?

  • Initiate: Refers to starting a form.
  • Approve: Refers to accepting the form at any given step in the process which could include final approval. Only people with administrative authority can give an approval.
  • Transfer: Refers to sending a form to someone within the workflow without approving it. For example, a form is sent to an program assistant, who needs to add information to the form and then send it for approval. The program assistant would transfer the form because the program assistant does not have authority to approve it.

What is the difference between return to initiator and reject/deny?

  • Return to initiator: The person who started the form needs to add or change information on the form. The recipient of the form selects Return to initiator to make this happen.
  • Rejecting/Denying the form: The form is not approved. In most cases, the initiator receives notification if the request is not approved. This typically ends the workflow.

How can I update my task list if I know I have received a new task?
In the top right corner of the My Tasks list (the My Tasks tab must be selected), push the refresh button. If the new task does not appear, log out and log back in.

How do I find out where a form currently is in the process?
Go to the View Forms in Process tab on your UWRF BP Logix Profile to see a list of all the processes you are currently involved in. Each form includes a variety of details.

What happens if I forget to assign the form to another person?
If you Send without assigning the form to someone, the form is sent to the office responsible for the form (e.g., a hiring form is sent to the Human Resources office). That office can send it to the next responsible person, if necessary.

When should I print the form?
Because these are electronic forms saved in a database, there should be no need to print them. You have access to them on a server. However, some notifications may have a pdf version of the form added as an attachment.

How do I request form and process flow development support?
Request the BP Logix: Form and Process Flow Development service from our service catalog. The request should include a basic description of the process being submitted along with the anticipated/desired ‘go live’ date and the contact information for the person that will lead the implementation effort.


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