Degree Audit Report: ORA-12154 Error While Running Desktop Software that Connects to an Oracle Database

This article assumes you are running the U.Achieve client software locally on your desktop or laptop.

  1. If you are working remotely, ensure you have logged into your VPN account.
  2. Launch an Explorer window (a file management window; not Internet Explorer) and verify you have the O: drive mounted and available.
  • If you do not have an O: drive available in the navigation pane, create it by right-clicking Computer and then clicking Map network drive.... Drop down the drive list to select O:, enter \\wings\falcon, select Reconnect at logon, and select finish:

  •  If you do have an O: drive but it shows a red icon rather than a green one , click on the red icon to revive it.
  1. Verify that you are able to access our shared tnsnames.ora file.
  • Launch a command prompt window (click on the start menu, type cmd and press enter). In that window, type echo %TNS_ADMIN%

  • If O:\Apps\Oracle (as shown in the example above) is not returned, set it in your user environment variables (in System Properties' Advanced tab). Launch that screen by typing systempropertiesadvanced in your command prompt window and making the updates as shown below: 
  1. Close your application (e.g., File > Exit) and launch it again. If the problem is not resolved, reboot your computer, verify that your O: drive is available and active (as noted above) and that the TNS_ADMIN variable is correctly defined. Then launch your application once more. If the problem is still not resolved, please contact DoTS.
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