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Campus "merchants" are required to comply.
Your first step in troubleshooting Canvas Integrations.
Where to find technology enhanced classrooms and what you can find in them.
An alternative to visiting the Carding Office to get a photo taken.
How to use the My Device portal.
Computer and tablet configuration standards.
Maintaining your Falcon Account password.
Helping to keep you safe from bad email attachments.
Helping to keep you safe from bad websites.
An email appears similar to someone who previously sent you email, but may not be that person.
Sponsor a student employee in order to get an S account.
Updates provided twice a year: two weeks before Summer term and two weeks before J-Term.
At the press of a button, the Viking Panic Emergency Phone calls 911 and notifies the University Police of an emergency.
A list of DoTS-supported software at UWRF.
Have virtual attendees see a view of the room. Also, easily share your screen to the displays.
Not all are general access so scheduling might be handled at the departmental level.
Prep work to make the switch to the new network less painful later.
Web and audio conferencing options.
Locations of teleconferencing phones.
How the DoTS Web Team can help you.
Names, locations, and student access availablity for computer labs on campus.
Contact information of those who can help.
They indicate where the files are stored. Double-clicking opens the files in either case.