SPSS: "Your license will expire in XX Days." -or- not found in Software Center or Self Service

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Issue: When using the IBM SPSS statistics application, I see this license expiration warning message: "Your license will expire in XX Days." -or- I cannot find SPSS in Software Center (Windows systems) or Self Service (macOS systems).

Environment: University PC computer, SPSS (originally known as "Statistical Package for the Social Science"), IBM Analytics, Software Center, Self Service

Resolution: UWRF participates in a UW-System-wide contract for SPSS licenses which is renewed annually. This renewal typically takes place in July, with new versions of SPSS becoming available in August. Once updated licenses and applications are acquired, they are made available in Software Center (Windows) and Self Service (macOS). Until that time, there is a grace period even after the license expires where the application continues to work.

Check Software Center (Windows) or Self Service (macOS) for updated versions of SPSS if you are getting this license expiration notice.


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Thu 7/6/17 10:30 AM
Wed 10/11/23 12:24 PM