University ID Card: Photo Submission via CloudCard

You can submit the photo for your university ID Card, virtually! The UW-River Falls Carding Office accepts photo submissions through CloudCard that, after an approval process, is used in the production of your university ID card. To access the photo submission portal, select the banner above or use the following link using a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android cell phone:

Start Here:

Students do not get a new ID card each year. So you don't need to submit a photo if you need a new card; we'll use the photo that is on file.

Submitting the Photo

Have your driver's license or government issued ID ready. You'll be needing it.

Log into the portal using your Falcon Account credentials.

When you successfully log in, the main screen presents information on how to submit a photo. The website may ask to use the mobile device's camera to allow the taking of the photo. You can take the photo in "selfie" mode or you can have a friend or family member take the picture. A previously saved photo can be used as well.

Requirements of the Photo

The following guidelines must be met in order for the photo to be approved for submission:

  • No hats or head garb, unless for religious purposes.
  • We must be able to see your eyes; if glasses are worn, try to avoid glare.
  • Have a solid, one colored background; blue is recommended.
  • The tops of the shoulders and an area above your head must be visible.
  • The person submitting the photo should be the only one visible in the photo; i.e., group photos are not accepted.


Acceptable Photo

Unacceptable Photo

Unacceptable Photo

Once the photo has been taken/selected, submit the photo using the designated prompt on your screen. An automatic cropping/adjustment sequence will then initiate to ensure all requirements are met. If any of the requirements (bullet points stated above) are not met, a denial message will appear stating which requirement is not being met. You will then be prompted to select a different photo or take a new one.

Second Photo

Following the approval of your first photo, a second photo will be requested to confirm your identity. For this step, take a clear picture of the front of your drivers license (or government issued ID) and submit using the identical submission prompt. Once the identity proofing step of the process is completed, the government-issued photo is then discarded. We do NOT retain this image in any of our systems.

Approval of the Photo

When both photos have been approved by the CloudCard application, a pop-up notification appears signaling the photos were accepted and submitted. You then receive a confirmation email sent to your student email address stating the photo has been received by our DoTS Carding Office team, thus completing the photo submission process. UW-River Falls then coordinates with you the delivery of the ID card or provides location details on where you can pick up your ID card.


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