University ID Card: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your University ID card is your official UW-River Falls identification card. It gives you access to campus resources such as the campus library, door access, and meal plans. Your University ID can also be used to make purchases across campus.

Students: Your card is valid as long as you're a student and there is no need for a new card unless you lose your current one.

What are the benefits of having a University ID?

  • Access to campus resources
  • Proof of identity on campus
  • Door access
  • Meal plan usage at food venues on campus
  • Campus/Athletic events
  • Printing on campus
  • Check cashing at the University Center Information Desk
  • Fitness Center access at Falcon Center (there may be additional requirements).

How do I qualify for a University ID?

To be eligible for a University ID, you need to be affiliated with the university in some way such as:

  • Full or part time student currently enrolled in classes, taking .5 or more credits in any given semester
  • Full or part time faculty/staff member with an active appointment for a department on campus
  • Affiliated with a sponsorship program approved by both the Carding Office and at least one other department on campus
    • To verify if a sponsorship program is an approved affiliation with campus, send an email to DoTS with the name of the program. A member of the Carding Office will respond promptly!

Where can I obtain a University ID?

The Carding Office. No appointment is necessary for obtaining an ID card, so stop in and we will get a ID card made for you today!

Note: In the event an appointment is necessary for the Carding Office to be open outside of normal business hours, advance notice submitted to DoTS two weeks prior to the anticipated appointment date is required. If this is not done, the Carding Office cannot guarantee staffing will be available for the requested appointment.

Can I have a family member pick up my ID in my place?

No, only the person the UWRF ID card belongs to can pick it up. We can mail the ID card if you cannot pick it up during Carding Office business hours.

What type of identification do I need to provide to obtain a University ID?

A valid form of government issued ID is required to validate your identity. This includes but is not limited to passports, drivers licenses, military IDs and visas.

I'm new to UW-River Falls but I can't physically come to campus. How can I get my ID card?

We accept photo submissions virtually using the CloudCard service. Following the submission of your photo and identity verification, the Carding Office works with you on the details of getting your ID card to you.

Is there a fee to obtain a University ID?

The first ID card is provided at no cost. A replacement is available at no cost if you have a change in name or status (such as going from a student to a staff member). A replacement fee of $15 is assessed to replace any lost or stolen cards. The replacement fee is required for any student, staff, or faculty who lose their ID card; no one is exempt from this fee.

What should I do if I lose my UWRF student/staff ID?

Immediately go to the GET Funds website and use the "I Lost My Card" feature to report your card as lost. This disables your ID card so it can't be misused. You can also contact the Carding Office. A new ID can be obtained at the Carding Office. There is a $15 fee to replace a lost/stolen card for any students, staff, or faculty member.

How do I reactivate my lost card?

If you found your lost card and would like to reactivate it and have not already purchased a new one, you can do so in two ways:

  • Go to the GET Funds website and use the "I Found My Card" button. (This button only becomes available if you reported your card lost online.)
  • Stop by the Carding Office.

Note: If you find a previously lost ID after getting a new one printed, the old one will no longer function. Once a new ID card has been printed, the old ID card is forever obsolete.

Can I punch a hole in my UWRF student/staff ID?

No. The proximity chip in your card has a copper wire that transmits a signal and punching your card in the wrong spot will ruin your card. Any University ID card that has been hole punched and malfunctions as a result of the hole punch may be assessed a $15 replacement fee at the discretion of Carding Office staff.

I forgot my UWRF ID at home. What do I do?

Unfortunately our options are limited if you don’t physically have your UWRF ID. Since you can only have one active card and when you obtain a replacement ID card, your old card is deactivated and you can never go back to an old card. Your options are to purchase a new ID card or return home and retrieve your UWRF ID card.

Are there discounts for using my student/staff ID?

On campus, you can receive discounts by using Falcon Dollars. Falcon Dollars are available to anyone with a valid University ID. Students do not pay tax on food purchases when using Falcon Dollars. There are also discounts for owners of a student/staff ID at businesses in the city of River Falls. Check individual businesses for particular circumstances and conditions.

Aside from discounts on purchases, University ID cardholders also receive discounts for attending campus events including athletic games and concerts.

How do I know how much money is left in my account?

Each time a purchase is made, the cashier's display will show the remaining account balance so ask your cashier how much you have left. You can also review your balance online at the GET Funds website.

Who do I talk to if I see odd charges on my account?

Contact DoTS with all necessary information - date of transaction(s), location of transaction, etc.