University ID Card: I lost my ID card and the Carding Office is not open

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Issue: I lost my ID card, the Carding Office is closed, and I'd like to use it to eat and/or get into my residence hall before the Carding Office re-opens.

Environment: ID card misplaced, lost, or stolen; Carding Office closed; residence hall (res hall, dorm) access; meal plan usage


  1. The first step is to go to the Get Funds site to report your card lost so that no one else can use your card. (If you find your card, you can report it found on the same site.)
  2. If you need the benefits of your ID card (e.g., res hall access, meal plan usage) before you can find your card or get to the Carding Office to replace it, your residence hall's staff can help! There are temporary badges available in each hall. Ask for one. Return the temporary card to that same hall's staff within 24 hours of finding or obtaining your student ID. If you can't (e.g., it's the weekend and the Carding Office is closed until the next business day), you may keep the temporary card the entire weekend.


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