ID Badging and Security

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Pinned Article Security

Helping to protect against threats.

Cisco Umbrella: This site is blocked due to content filtering

UW System policy has us blocking some sites.

eduroam: Connecting Personally Owned Windows Devices

Use eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool)

Electronic Door Access: I'm unable to get into a space with my ID card

It could be a change of access times or a signal blockage.

Identity Proofing

In order to comply with NIST requirements.

Information Security: Internet Safety for Students

Short information blasts that help keep you and your information safe.

Information Security: UW System Phishing Email Simulations

UW System phishing simulation email messages starting July 2022.

Key Cabinet: Basics

How to use a key cabinet.

Key Cabinet: Fingerprint Enrollment

Self-enroll your fingerprint.

Panic Button (Viking)

At the press of a button, the Viking Panic Emergency Phone calls 911 and notifies the University Police of an emergency.

PCI: Contractual Language with Vendors

Text that must appear in contracts with vendors relating to services that process credit cards.

PCI: Merchant Requirements for PCI-DSS Compliance

Campus "merchants" are required to comply.

Scams: Phishing and Other Fraudulent E-mail

How to identify phishing and scam e-mail including bogus job opportunities and health scams.

Security: Admin by Request

Request administrator access to your UWRF device.

Security: Door Alarm Sounding

If not an actual emergency, what you do depends on the building.

Security: Malware/Virus Reported on an University-Owned Computer

Turn it off and have DoTS take a look at it.

University ID Card: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers about university ID cards.

University ID Card: GET Funds Website Basics

How to use the GET Funds website.

University ID Card: Photo Submission via MyTech

An alternative to visiting the Carding Office to get a photo taken.

Voter ID: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and answers about voter ID cards.