Electronic Door Access: I'm unable to get into a space with my ID card

Issue: My ID card does not work on a door I should have access to. Why?

Environment: ID card, door access


  • Verify that the card reader beeps in response to the card being presented
    • If no beep
      • a new card will need to be issued because the proximity chip embedded in the card has likely ceased to function.
    • If the card reader beeps
      • Verify building hours and the time frame when you are allowed into the area.
      • Verify that there are no other prox-based cards in close proximity to the ID card. (E.g., third party fitness center cards can interfere with the transaction.)
      • RFID-blocking wallets could prevent the ID card from communicating with the card reader making it unable to scan. If you have one, try removing the card from the wallet before attempting to access the space.

Key words: enter, entry, building, room


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