Technology Services provides a suite of IT security tools to help protect against threats. These tools are automatically provided on all university-owned computers. Security policies are provided and updated by UW System. Conceptually, we help with the following protections:

  • Protecting Personal Information

    • Monitors for sensitive information such as social security numbers and alerts when information matching certain digital footprints is detected
    • Can alert based on location logins. If a person logs in from campus then fifteen minutes later logs in from China, a notification can be sent.
  • Protecting You from Known Malicious Websites 

    • Cisco Umbrella
      • Blocks high-risk content from known sites in the following areas;
        • Terrorism
        • Illegal activities
        • Illegal downloads
      • Protects all devices while on the campus network
  • Intrusion Detection

    • Alerting based on network intrusion attempts
  • Antivirus

    • Cisco Secure Endpoint
    • Pre-installed on all university workstations and iOS devices  
    • User accessible for
      • Scanning
      • Virus/malware removal
      • Accessible from the system tray (PC) or toolbar (Mac)
  • Email Phishing Mitigation

    • Report email messages as phishing or mark as junk using the report message button in your Outlook application or the Junk | Phishing button in the Outlook web application
    • Reporting phishing email messages helps to identify trends and expedite the blocking of known malicious email senders



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