eduroam: Connecting a Personally Owned Chromebook

  1. Select the Wi-Fi Icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Then select the down arrow to display available networks.
  2. Select eduroam.
  3. In the Join Wi-Fi Network window the EAP method should be PEAP
  4. EAP Phase 2 authentication should be MSCHAPv2 and Server CA certificate should be Do Not Validate
  5. Enter your username (UWRF email address or guest account username) in identity and then enter your password
  6. You may enter under anonymous identity or leave it blank. (Entering an anonymous identity is a more secure method of connecting.)
  7. Select Connect.
  8. If information was entered correctly, the device should connect to the network.


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Fri 9/2/22 4:01 PM
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