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Pinned Article Network: eduroam, UWRF-Registered, UWRF-Welcome Wireless Networks

eduroam, UWRF-Registered, and UWRF-Welcome wireless networks are explained.

Pinned Article Network: In the Residence Halls

Special considerations for residence hall students.

Network: 2022/2023 Maintenance

Prep work to make the switch to the new network less painful later.

Network: Can I activate the Ethernet port in my room?

No, but wireless access is available.

Network: How to Disable the Wireless on a Personal Printer

Printers cause interference on wireless networks.

Network: My Devices Portal

How to use the My Device portal.

Network: Performance Issues

How to help wireless performance in the residence halls (and elsewhwere).

Network: Residents' Responsibilities

How to restore a wireless (Wi-Fi) access point located in a person's room.

Network: Sponsor Portal

How to use the My Sponsor portal to create guest accounts.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): "Certificate Validation Failure" Error Message

Connect to the UWRF wireless or wired network and restart your computer.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): How to Connect to

Our VPN uses multi-factor authentication.

Virtual Private Network (VPN): Start Before Login

How to help with out-of-sync passwords.