Network: Connecting Devices in the Residence Halls

Connect all desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones to the eduroam network.  

Other devices such as gaming systems and streaming devices should connect to the UWRF-Registered network after registering the wireless MAC address in the My Devices Portal. Although there are network jacks in your room, we no longer support wired network connections in the residence halls. 

How Do I Connect?

Navigate to and follow the Student links for instructions on how to connect your devices. 

My Devices Portal (Self Registration)

You must register your wireless gaming system, TV, Blu-ray player, streaming player or any other wireless device on our network before it will work on the UWRF-Registered network. (Most of these devices are not capable of connecting to eduroam.) Many of these devices do not have a web browser that will allow you to login through the device itself. You can register these devices by visiting the My Devices Portal at using a separate computer connected to the campus network. You will need to register that device’s wireless MAC address before you attempt to connect to the UWRF-Registered wireless network. Once you connect to UWRF-Registered, you will be asked to enter a password, which is uwrfwifi. You may register up to 25 devices on the portal. Please refer to our How to Connect Gaming Systems and Streaming Devices and How to use the My Devices Portal  articles for more information.

How Do My Guests Access the Network?

If you have family or visitors on campus, they may connect to the UWRF-Welcome wireless network. This network  has limited access to campus resources and requires acceptance of the Acceptable Use Policy every few hours. To avoid these limitations, especially if your guest will be staying an extended period of time or will frequently visit, you may register their devices through the My Devices Portal.

Do You Have a UWRF Wireless Access Point in Your Room?

If you have a university-provided wireless access point in your room, please note the following tips to ensure the best coverage for you and your neighbors:

  • Do not unplug the access point from the network jack on the wall.
  • Do not hang things on or near the access point as it may negatively impact the performance for you and your neighbors. Objects around the access point will cause "shadows" in the signal.
  • Please be mindful of the wired network connection from the access point to the jack on the wall. Bumping the connection can cause the access point to lose its connection to the network which will cause reduced wireless coverage in the immediate area.
  • You may notice other access points across campus have blue or green LEDs illuminated while the one in your room should not be lit up all. We have disabled the lights in the residence hall rooms because they are rather bright at night. If the light on your access point is on, please contact the Division of Technology Services and we will see to it that the light is turned off again.
  • If your access point is disconnected for any extended period, the Division of Technology Services will attempt to contact you to coordinate a visit to your location to investigate the problem.
The use of Wi-Fi access points or “My Fi” devices not provided by the university is strictly forbidden.


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