Network: Connecting Gaming Systems

In order to connect your gaming devices to the campus network, you will need to provide the device's MAC address using the My Devices Portal. The MAC address is a unique identifier which allows the device to be registered on the network. To register your device, visit the portal and add the MAC address to the Device ID field then give it a name. For more details on using the device portal, see the My Devices Portal knowledge base article.

The UWRF-Registered network password (also known as the key, pass phrase, security key, wireless password, or WPA key) is uwrfwifi.

Gaming Systems

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo 2DS & 3DS
Nintendo WiiU
Nintendo Wii (Original)
PlayStation 4 (PS4)
PlayStation 3 (PS3)
PlayStation Portable (PSP or PSP Go)
Xbox One
Xbox 360


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