Network: eduroam, UWRF-Registered, UWRF-Welcome Wireless Networks

All academic buildings and residence halls have wireless (i.e., wifi or wi-fi) coverage. This provides convenience and access to secured resources, the ability to manage the connectivity of your wireless devices, and the ability to sponsor guests by providing them wireless access to our campus network. The wireless networks are designed with specific purposes to meet the ever-changing and increasing demands of our students, faculty, staff, and guests. All use of wireless networks must be in compliance with the Board of Regents Acceptable Use Policy.


UWRF wireless networks
  • eduroam (for "smart" devices)
  • UWRF-Registered (for "dumb" devices that cannot connect to eduroam)
  • UWRF-Welcome (for campus guests and for registering "dumb" devices in the My Devices Portal)


Who It's For

This is the preferred network for all university and personally owned laptops, tablets and smart phones for students, faculty, and staff.


  • High speed, encrypted Internet access for students, faculty, staff, and other eduroam users from around the world
  • It is like a giant wireless hotspot - available at over 600 (and counting) institutions world wide including many University of Wisconsin and other nearby institutions

To Access

Log in using your email address. Doing this allows you to use eduroam world wide.

Simply connect to the eduroam wireless network. To take full advantage of eduroam and all it has to offer, you must use your full email address for the username when connecting along with your password.

Note, if you are using a university-owned device with wireless enabled, you will be connected automatically to the eduroam network. This is the preferred network for all University owned devices.



Who It's For

This network is designed for devices that are unable to connect to the eduroam network. The majority of gaming systems, as well as streaming media devices, do not support the required authentication method used for eduroam.


  • High speed, encrypted Internet access for students, faculty, and staff.

To Access

The password is uwrfwifi.
  1. Before your device will work on UWRF-Registered it will need to have it's wireless MAC address registered via the My Devices Portal.
  2. Open your devices wireless network settings and scan for available Wi-Fi networks and then select UWRF-Registered
  3. Once connected to the network you will be prompted for password or preshared key. Use uwrfwifi for the password.



Who It's For

For guests and visitors at UWRF who do not need/qualify for a sponsored account. It also can be used by UWRF students, faculty and staff to connect to and use the My Devices Portal to register devices for use on the UWRF-Registered network. Long term use by faculty, staff and students of this network is not permitted. You must register your device or use the eduroam network as quickly as practical.


  • Quick, short term, high speed Internet access for guests and visitors
  • Allows student and staff to connect and use it to get to the My Devices Portal to register devices for use on the UWRF-Registered wireless network

To Access

Simply select UWRF-Welcome from the list of wireless networks on your device, agree to the acceptable use policy and you will have access to the Internet. You will need to do this every 12 hours.


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