University ID Card: GET Funds Website Basics

GET Funds is a website where students and staff can review their meal plan account transactions. GET Funds provides information on the balances of Meal Plans, Flex Meals, and Dining Dollars. It also allows you to view your history of these accounts and report your ID Card lost any time of the day.

To get started, log into the website using your Falcon Account username and password. Once you sign into the GET Funds portal, you are sent to the GET Funds home page. At any point during your visit, you can press the GET Funds Home button on the top of the screen to bring you back to the main page.

The home page provides the ability to perform multiple procedures. It gives a quick overview of your balances and recent history and allows you to report your card lost.

To see a more detailed transaction history, you will need to select the View All Transaction History link. This brings you to the Transaction History page which offers you a couple of choices. You can use the Account Name dropdown menu to select which account you want to view. Campus accounts include Meal Plans, Dining Dollars, and To Go Container. Also, you can use the Month/Year dropdown to change the date range of the transaction history you view. When you have selected the Account Name and Month/Year box that is appropriate, select the Go button and the details of the search will be listed below. Use Next Page and Previous Page to view all of your transactions. The page shows 10 results at a time.

You have the option to print, email or export the results to a PDF file.


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