Information Security: Internet Safety for Students

Opening slide to Internet Safety for Students VideoThe Internet Safety for Students course is a video based course that is only 55 minutes in length over 17 segments. It will prepare you to be a safer consumer of the Internet when you know what the threats are and how you can defend yourself from them. There are no requirements for students to complete this course. However, this course is really well done and will help you to protect yourself on the Internet from evil people that want to take advantage of you.

Accessing the Course

You can access the course using your UWRF or email address and associated password in the LinkedIn Learning service. This service is paid for by UWRF so that you can access the premium content like this for free.

Related Materials

  • Visit the resource to learn how email is used to get you to give up important personal information.
  • Visit to understand what it takes to be a good Internet user under the the Acceptable Use Policy of the UW Board of Regents.

Policy Statement

This training is being featured to be in compliance with UWSA's 1032 Information Security: Awareness policy: "Be provided access to information security awareness training that includes security best practices and their roles in protecting the university’s systems and data." This policy does not require that the training be completed, only that access to the training be provided. All students are highly encouraged to complete this training; it is an excellent way to prepare yourself as an Internet consumer.


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