Key Cabinet: Fingerprint Enrollment

You first must be issued a special enrollment code from the Carding Office before you can complete these procedures.  Please ensure that the appropriate authority in your area first sends a request in to authorize your access.  You will then be given the enrollment code after your access is set up.

Tips for Successful Enrollment

  • Do not use your thumb; use another finger (one with the most pronounced ridges and valleys) for a more comfortable use of the system
  • Cover the fingerprint sensor completely with the finger to capture the best image
  • Wait for the red LED light inside the fingerprint scanner to turn on before applying fingerprints. This ensures the device is activated.
  • Do not press too hard. The amount of pressure required is only as much as it takes to hold a piece of paper between your thumb and finger – not much.
  • Do not move the finger during scanning.

Process to Complete the Enrollment

  1. At the key cabinet, press the BACK key followed by the OK key. This places the cabinet in Guard Mode and the prompt should read GD:.
  2. Enter the enrollment code cabinet in the User Fingerprint Enroll mode. The display should read Enroll fingerprint first capture? Accept y=1, n=0. Enter 1.
  3. The display now reads Finger on sensor. Wait for the LED inside the fingerprint reader to begin flashing and place finger on the reader. The reader will gather fingerprint information. If the first fingerprint capture was successful, the display reads Second capture? Accept y=1, n=0. Enter 1.
  4. The display now reads Finger on sensor. Wait for the LED inside the fingerprint reader to begin flashing and place finger on the reader. The reader will gather fingerprint information. 
  5. If the second fingerprint capture was successful, the display reads ENROLLMENT OK. The fingerprint template is stored in the database and the template is automatically sent to all keys that the user has privileges for and which contain a fingerprint reader.

Note: If either fingerprint capture is unsuccessful, the display reads ENROLLMENT FAILED. At this point, the BACK button should be pressed until the display reads PIN: and the process restarts.

Testing the New Login

To test the new login, wait for the cabinet to display the PIN: prompt. Enter your PIN, wait for the LED inside the fingerprint reader to begin flashing and place the finger that you enrolled on the reader. Verify that the cabinet recognizes the fingerprint, unlocks the door, and releases the assigned assets.

Common Screen Messages

INVALID PIN: PIN rejected, person is not configured in the key cabinet. 

FP NOT ENROLLED: PIN accepted, fingerprint is not enrolled or has not been completed.

FP SCAN READY: PIN accepted, key cabinet awaiting presentation of finger.

Security of the Fingerprint

An image of your fingerprint is not being stored. The system creates a mathematical computation on the valleys and ridges that it sees in the scan. That number is stored. It cannot be reversed to make up an image or recreation of your finger print. Every system and every manufacturer does it differently since there is no universal way of doing this step that adds an additional layer of abstraction from your real fingerprint.


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