Information Security: UW System Phishing Email Simulations

The University of Wisconsin System Administration has a system-wide phishing awareness education program in which simulated phishing email messages are sent to all faculty and staff in the UW System. This article contains a history of some phishing email simulations that have been sent: a screen shot of the email as it was sent out followed by a screen shot explaining how you can tell the email was a phishing attempt. Also included is our phish rate which is the percent of people that clicked on a link in the email and our rate compared to other UW institutions.

Comparison to Other UW Instutions: Key

Ranking Note
Top 25% Best category to be in. Yay!
Top 50% We can do better. Let's go!
Bottom 50% Argh. We can do this!
July 2023
  • Phish rate: 12.95%
  • Phish rate compared to other UW institutions: Bottom 50%

The email:

How you can tell the email was a phishing attempt:

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