Security: Room with Alarm Sounding

Tags Incident

Issue: An alarm is active in a room or area on the UWRF campus

Environment: Area/Space/Room security alarm (it is loud) - NOT an alarm from an emergency exit

Resolution: Determine what the cause of the alarm is. If the alarm is coming from a door or other card access technology source, contact Facilities Management. Facilities Management works with the Carding Office if it is deemed necessary to disable the alarm. (The alarm can be disabled remotely or at the door.)

  • Is the alarm sounding due to an emergency situation? Call 911.
  • Is the alarm sounding from an exterior door in a residence hall? Contact Facilities Management.
  • Is the alarm sounding due to something else? Contact University Police at 715.425.3133.


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Mon 7/9/18 2:22 PM
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