Security: Admin by Request

UWRF employees: You can install and update common software and perform actions requiring administrator rights without contacting DoTS. Woo hoo!

Look for pre-approved software in Software Center (for Windows) and Self Service (for Macintosh). It's easier.

When your workstation needs administrator rights to perform an action, you will be prompted to enter a couple pieces of information including a short description of the action. These are logged for review. This nice-to-have service may be removed if misused. (See Computer Software Use (AP-05-101) and Board of Regents Acceptable Use Policy.)

There are three ways Admin By Request can be used

  1. Run an application as administrator (): Just enough admin to run the application requiring administrator rights on a Windows computer
    • Right click (or shift-right-click) the application icon and select Run as Administrator
    • You will be prompted to enter a Reason then select OK
    • Review the Code of Conduct and select OK
  2. Initiate a timed administrator session (or ): You will be running as full admin for a limited time on Windows or Mac computers
    • Left-click the check mark icon in the system tray/menu bar and request administrator access
      • Windows: Lower right corner
      • Mac: Upper right menu bar
    • You will be prompted to enter a Reason then select OK
    • Review the Code of Conduct and select OK
    • You will see a timer in the lower right corner. Tap Finish when task is completed
  3. Address an Administrator prompt (User Access Control): Certain actions will prompt a pop-up that look similar to the following screen shots on Windows or a Mac computer. To address these, follow the steps:
    • Before entering your username or password, Initiate a Timed Administrator Session (see instructions above)
    • Once the administrator session is started, enter your credentials and select Yes
    • Select Finish when the task in complete
Windows UAC Prompt Mac Prompt

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