FalconShare: Drive Mapping in Microsoft Windows

All faculty and staff have access to the OneDrive for Business feature in our Microsoft Office 365 environment. The university no longer provides new employees with S: drives (on-site storage).

Windows users connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) get their FalconShare spaces mapped automatically. The 'home' space is mapped as S: drive and the campus department file space (including Collaboration) is mapped as T: drive. Other spaces commonly available are 'Falcon' as O: drive and 'eSIS' as R: drive. Student employees need to log into the computer with their student employee 'S' account in order to access department spaces. Student employees do not receive S: drive space.

Due to the way that drives are mapped, using a laptop off-campus and then bringing it back on campus without first logging off will result in the S: drive not reconnecting. To resolve this problem, there are two options:

Option 1: Re-map the network drive (Quickest option)

  • Make sure a secure connection is established with the UWRF network (If you are off campus, use VPN - Virtual Private Network)
  • Open File Explorer
  • Right click on This PC on the left side of the window
  • Select Map network drive from the menu that appears
    • Choose S drive for the Drive drop down arrow and type the following into the Folder field: \\falconshare.uwrf.edu\Home\W2600000 (replace "W2600000" with your Falcon username)
    • and/or choose T drive and type this: \\falconshare.uwrf.edu\campus
    • and/or choose O drive and type this: \\wings\falcon
    • and/or choose R drive and type this: \\wings\esis
  • Select Finish

Option 2:  Log off of the laptop and log back in while connected to the network. (If you are off campus, enable the VPN Connect before sign-on feature; instructions can be found in the related article about VPN.)

Windows mapped drives

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