FalconShare: Drive Mapping in Mac OS

Note: Most campus resources cannot be accessed from the UWRF-Welcome wireless network. Make sure you are not on that network before proceeding.


All faculty and staff have access to the OneDrive for Business feature in our Microsoft Office 365 environment. The university no longer provides new employees with S: drives (on-site storage).


Macintosh users connected to the campus network (wired or wireless) are able to access FalconShare space directly in their Finder as they do with other disks. DoTS has an application that can be used for this purpose or you can connect using the Connect to Server option under the Go menu in the Finder.

Mac OS X "Go" menu 

In the window that follows, enter the following:

  • for "campus" file space (Windows T: drive): smb://falconshare.uwrf.edu/campus
  • for "home" file space (Windows S: drive): smb://falconshare.uwrf.edu/home/W2600000 (enter your Falcon username instead)
  • Use the + button to add the address to your favorites

Mac OS X Connect to Server

When you select the Connect button, you may get prompted to log in. If so, use your Falcon Account username and password.

After you are connected, an icon for the file space may appear on your desktop. If not, you can enable that option in the Finder Preferences (Finder menu > Preferences: General). Either 'falconshare.uwrf.edu' or the file space name will also appear in the sidebar of your Finder window.

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