University Computer: Files on Network Drives Not Available

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Issue: Files that I've opened before in recent document lists cannot be found or will not open. 

Environment: Campus workstation, VPN, Cisco AnyConnect, FalconShare, network drives, off campus

Resolution: There are a couple of steps to make sure that network shares can be connected off campus. The first step is to ensure that the system is connected to the campus VPN service. Find more information about the campus VPN at If you are experiencing this issue on campus (usually with your S:\ drive), the same steps still apply. However, VPN is not required when on the campus network.

  • S drive: This drive does not automatically map without campus network connectivity (either on campus our through the VPN). To manually re-map the S: drive, see the instructions here.
  • Other Drives (T, R, W, etc.) Open Windows Explorer and browse to This PC. If the system is connected to VPN and the network drive shows a red X, simply double-click the network drive to "wake up" the connection. Documents from that share can then be opened via recent document lists again.


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Thu 12/10/20 12:22 PM
Fri 12/1/23 8:52 AM

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