Panic Button (Viking)

Photo of the Viking PB-3-IP panic button. Press the center of the button to depress inside the light ring. Press for at least 1 second to activate.At the press of a button, the Viking Panic Emergency Phone calls 911 and notifies the University Police of an emergency.

Operating Instructions

  1. Press the button for 1 second to activate. The red light will blink.
  2. A 911 call is placed and University Police is immediately notified. The red light will turn solid.
  3. The 911 call center receives the call, they can listen and you will not hear anything.
  4. They will assess the situation based on what they are hearing and dispatch accordingly.
  5. The device will automatically reset when the 911 dispatcher hangs up their phone. The red light will turn off. No need to reset it.

Requesting Installation

Please contact University Police to discuss your request. They will work with you to do a security assessment of your situation, of which one solution may be a panic button installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I accidentally activated my device?

Just remain calm, remain in your office. The 911 dispatcher will receive the call and they will be hearing what is happening at your location. You can say “this is not an emergency, press pound to speak with me” repeatedly and the dispatcher will immediately know to turn on the speakerphone. Police will still respond to ensure you are safe.

When should I call 911 vs. pressing my button?

Activate the panic device when you feel you are in need of police assistance and reaching for the phone would cause an escalation of the situation. You should call 911 from your phone if it is safe to do so; this will allow you to have a conversation quickly with the dispatcher to inform them of the situation. Either way, University Police are notified.

Can I move or unplug my box?

NO! Please coordinate any changes in location, occupant details, or other configurations through DoTS. Your location and contact information is statically configured and will not automatically update. DoTS monitors the connection status of these devices and we are immediately alerted when they are disconnected. Please coordinate with DoTS. (i.e. carpet cleaning)

My box is constantly beeping!

It is not working. Please immediately contact DoTS.

My box beeps once and a while!

Changes made in the Cisco phone environment may cause it to update and it will sound a single beep to confirm.

Can someone call into my box and listen?

No, the emergency phone is one way and calls are initiated only by pressing the button on your box.

I want to test my box, can I just press the button?

NO! Without prior arrangement all activations are treated as a real emergency. If you feel you need to test your device, please coordinate in advance with University Police. Testing is scheduled by DoTS on a periodic basis. You will be notified.


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