Working Off Campus: Administrative Communication Tools

Here is a list of supported communication tools along with support level, availability, and a brief description of suggested use. These are available to all faculty and staff but are more heavily used on the non-academic side. For academic faculty/student solutions, see:

Application Support Available Use Case(s)
Cisco Jabber Fully Supported Self Service Soft phone - like your office phone but better!
Cisco WebEx Meetings Fully Supported Self Service Webinars, meetings, personal room
Cisco WebEx Teams Fully Supported By Request Collaboration tool  for teams
Microsoft Skype Fully Supported Available Now Casual chat/video calls
Microsoft Teams Partially Supported Available Now Collaboration tool for teams
Zoom Not Supported Limited Collaboration outside UWRF when specific use cases are not met by other tools

Cisco Jabber*

Cisco Jabber is a soft phone that allows you to access your 715-425-XXXX telephone number issued by the university. You no longer have to expose your personal cell phone number when making or receiving calls. You can place and receive calls using your assigned number and also receive phone calls for your department, if applicable. You can install this on your laptop/desktop computer and use it right away. iPhone, iPad and Android devices require custom profiles to be set up by DoTS before you can use them.

*In the future, Jabber will be replaced by WebEx teams for telephone integration.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

Cisco WebEx Meetings is the enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and webinars. There is also an "events" mode for large scale meetings requiring more hands on management of the audience.

Cisco WebEx Teams

Cisco WebEx Teams is available upon request through DoTS and includes additional features making it a good choice for team collaboration. If using WebEx Meetings, the WebEx Teams client integrates and is required.

Microsoft Skype

Skype is the university’s enterprise supported application. It comes bundled with all university computers. It has a directory feature that can look up campus contacts.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is currently available upon request through DoTS. Microsoft Teams has the advantage of integration with our file system and campus directory making document collaboration very easy.


The Zoom platform is not licensed by the university as we have the numerous other options. If there is a specific use case requiring this platform, limited exceptions may be available.