Cisco Jabber: FAQs

How do I get Jabber for my mobile device?

Easy! All that is needed is to send a request to DoTS. A representative from the team can work at building your profile. In the meantime, you are able to download the Cisco Jabber mobile application from the Google Play store or from the Apple App Store. We just need to know if you use Android or iOS. That's it!

I have it installed, how do I log in?

  • Username
    • If you're using an off campus connection (cellular, home wifi): (Use your Falcon Account username for the first part.)
    • If you're on campus / using VPN: w2600000 (Use your Falcon Account username for the first part.)
  • Password
    • Your Falcon Account password

I can't log in. It says Invalid Username/Password. Help!

Ensure your account is active and password is up to date. This error can also appear if you install the app and try to log in before your profile has been built. Confirm with DoTS that your profile has been built. Also confirm that the profile was built for the type of device you are using (Android vs. iOS / Windows vs. MacOS).

My Call Can't Be Completed as Dialed. What is going on?

Jabber uses the same dialing patterns as your Cisco IP phone.

I can't hear them/They can't hear me. Help!

In the settings tab, verify that the correct audio devices are set for both the speaker and microphone.

  • The speaker setting has a play button to the right of it. A short tune is played when you select the button. If you hear the tune, the speaker is set correctly.
  • The microphone option has a sensitivity bar below it. If you speak into the microphone and you see the sensitivity respond likewise, the microphone is set up correctly.

The microphone and speaker settings within the Jabber application is reliant on the settings for your device. If you have multiple speakers and/or microphones, make sure the ones you want to use are at the top of the hierarchy. (Within Jabber's audio settings, there is a hierarchy for speakers and microphones. Ensure that the devices you want to use have a check mark next to it.)

Can I transfer calls I receive using Jabber?

Yes! When you are in an active call, near the bottom of the app you will have various buttons available. The button with 3 little dots ( • • • ) provides you even more options, one of which is the ability to transfer a call. The next steps on how to transfer a call depends on your device and your network connection.

  • Cell phone
    • Cellular connection: Transfer option + 10 digit number (i.e. 715-425-XXXX)
    • Home WiFi connection: Transfer option + 10 digit number (i.e. 715-425-XXXX)
  • Computer
    • with VPN connection:Transfer option + 4 digit extension (i.e. XXXX)
    • without VPN connection: Transfer option + 10 digit number (i.e. 715-425-XXXX)

The sequence that follows after entering in the intended number to transfer the call to is the same as if transferring a call at a desk phone. When the transferring-to party answers, you are then able to hang up and the call has completed the transfer.

I'm logged into Jabber on my mobile device but I'm not receiving calls. What gives?

The mobile app for Jabber is useful in the sense that your cell phone becomes your work phone. However, the mobile app for Jabber is less reliable than it's computer counterpart. Mobile Jabber relies heavily on several components such as the phone being awake, the app being open and logged in, AND reliance on the cellular network. Those using Mobile Jabber may experience calls only ringing once and then going to voice mail or not ringing at all and going straight to voicemail. We highly recommend you switch to using the desktop variation of the Jabber application. This is available for both Windows and Mac machines and if you have an active campus extension, you should already have a Jabber profile built for your workstation. 

To obtain 100% reliability with the mobile app, the following must be met:

  • The phone is powered on and NOT on standby (i.e. the screen is on).
  • You are logged into the Jabber app and all services are connected.
  • The Jabber application is open.
  • The phone is plugged into a power source. (The battery will drain quickly otherwise.)

It says "Cannot Communicate with Server". How can I fix this?

This error indicates the network traffic between the Jabber application and the campus call management system is not occurring as it should be. The first step to resolve is to verify your network connection. Ensure you are connected to the campus network in some fashion (WiFi, wired, or VPN if working remotely). The second step is to perform a reboot of your computer if your connection is validated yet the error persists. (Other SDA network factors may play a role in the issue even if you are connected to the campus network). If you continue to have connectivity issues even after a computer reboot, try the Jabber reset option below.

I'm still having issues with Jabber. What can I do?

One quick and effective way to resolve a majority of issues with the Cisco Jabber application is to perform a reset. (This does NOT mean to uninstall the app.) Log into the Jabber client and then sign out right away. Below the Sign In button is a small option labeled Reset Jabber. Selecting this resets the configuration information for your client. In a way, this gives the Jabber client a fresh start.

*Note: The Reset Jabber option may be slightly different amongst the Jabber Clients based on operating system. The option should generally appear at the sign in screen BEFORE you are prompted to enter in any password. It should show your first and last name, a blue Sign In button, and the Reset Jabber option below the sign in button in a slightly smaller font.


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