Cisco Jabber: Installation

Cisco Jabber is collaboration tool where you can instant message, make audio or video calls, and more. It is a great way to receive and make calls from your computer instead of your office phone (which may not be near you when you need to make a call).

DoTS builds Jabber profiles which are needed in order to use Jabber. Profiles are created upon request. To request a Jabber profile, submit a request to DoTS and include the type of device you have (Android, Android tablet, iOS, iOS tablet, Windows). This information is required, as the build of the profile is based on the operating system of the device.

Cisco Jabber is available to you through Self Service (Macs) and Software Center (PCs). Cisco Jabber is also available for mobile devices as a mobile app. Cisco Jabber is free to download in the iOS App and Google Play stores.

Here are the steps to get Jabber from off campus:


  1. Install Cisco Jabber from Self Service
  2. Log in to Jabber with your Falcon Account

University-Owned PCs

  1. Connect to your VPN
  2. Wait a few (fewer than five) minutes for connections to establish with campus systems
  3. Install Cisco Jabber from Software Center
  4. Log in to Jabber with your Falcon Account

Personally-Owned PCs

  1. Install Jabber from the Cisco Webex site:
  2. Log in to Jabber with your Falcon Account

Android Phones

  • Install Cisco Jabber from the Google Play store. Icon should look same as below.

iOS Phones

  • Install Cisco Jabber from the App Store. Icon should look same as below.

Jabber is now installed. What next?

Once the Cisco Jabber software has been installed and DoTS has built a profile for you, perform the following steps to get connected:

  1. Double click the icon located on the desktop (or select Start and search for Jabber)
  2. When the application loads, a sign in window appears. If your name does not auto-populate, you may be prompted to enter your email address. Sign in.
  3. The page refreshes and displays user name and password fields. Your username should auto-populate as your Falcon Account username. (If you are NOT connected to the campus network or you are off-campus and not using a VPN, include at the end of the username (eg.,
  4. After your username and password are entered, select Sign In. You are now ready to make/receive calls!

If you need help with how to work with Jabber or need answers to frequently asked questions, we have you covered.


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