Cisco Jabber: 911 Response Location

You must set your 911 location in Jabber and update it to keep it current.
When you move your computer to a new location, you must update your 911 location. If you do not, emergency services will show up where you were, not where you are.


Familiarize yourself with the important information on the Jabber screens as you go through this process.

Here are instructions on how to get your location into Jabber for 911 purposes:

  1. Open your Jabber () client.
  2. Select the red map pin and then Update Location.
    • Don't see a red map pin? Go to the gear icon in the upper right, choose Help > Refresh Configuration

  1. Fill in your information and then select Set Location.

  1. This screen informs you how your change went:

  1. Select Show Record to see your current location settings.


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