Cisco IP Phone: Self-Service Update 911 Location

From a Cisco IP Phone, you can update the 911 system directly from the phone. You can do this through the [GEAR} button on the phone. This will also update DoTS inventory records at the same time. For instructions on how to do this in Jabber, see the attached related knowledge article.

Steps to Update 911 Location

You can navigate around the screen on your phone using the ring around the silver disc in the center of the phone. The center of the ring, the silver disc, is the select button. You can also press the corresponding number when an option is presented. You can press the four buttons below the screen; the purpose of the keys will change depending on the screen and the corresponding label above each key. You can back out of screens using the back key located to the left of the ring.


To begin, press the [GEAR] button on the phone. This is located to the left of the number keys on the phone.  
Identify the 911 Location service in the list and select it. Screenshot of the applications menu of the phone
The current location of the phone will be presented. Please press [Confirm] if it is correct or press [Update] to choose a different space. Confirming a location is helpful to DoTS to know for sure if a phone is in the right space on the system.
After you press [Update], you will select a floor and then you will select a space.  
Once you see the appropriate space, press the corresponding number to set it to that space.
After you select the space you will see a confirmation. You can press the [Exit] button until you are out of the menu structure.

If you do not see the appropriate space, submit a service request to DoTS so that we can add the facility/space and to assign it to the phone.


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