Microsoft Stream: "Your session has expired. Choose OK to login again and continue"

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Issue: I'm trying to view Microsoft Stream content and I can only watch for a short time before the session times out and I get this error message: "Your session has expired. Choose OK to login again and continue". After logging in again, the same thing happens.

Environment: Microsoft Stream, Windows device

Resolution: It might be the time zone and time settings on your computer. Here is how to change them:

  1. Right click on the time and date ribbon in the bottom right of your screen and select Adjust date/time
  2. Turn off the option Set time zone automatically
  3. Change the time zone to your current time zone - most likely (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
  4. If not already on, turn on the option Set time automatically
  5. Restart your device and attempt to view the videos


Article ID: 130793
Mon 3/22/21 6:46 PM
Tue 3/23/21 9:26 AM