Qualtrics: What is Qualtrics and how do I construct a survey?

Qualtrics is a web-based survey service provided by a third party vendor that allows the campus community to easily create surveys and share the results.

Creating and Accessing a Qualtrics Account

  • First determine whether you need IRB approval to have a survey distributed.
  • If you do not already have a Qualtrics account, create one by visiting uwrf.qualtrics.com and selecting the Don't have an account? link.
    • Accounts MUST be created through uwrf.qualtrics.com in order to share results with colleagues.
  • Use your campus email address as the account name and generate your secure password. Skip the "access code" question.
    • Do not use generic or shared UWRF email accounts for Qualtrics accounts (e.g., library@uwrf.edu). A username must be an individual’s campus email address (e.g., freddy.falcon@uwrf.edu).
    • When a person’s account is deleted, the surveys and accompanying results will be transferred to an active Qualtrics account of a person working within the related field. If a person is not identified, the surveys will be transferred to a generic UWRF administration account.
  • After an account is created, you may log into uwrf.qualtrics.com to access and build surveys. Log in with your email address.

How does DoTS support this service?

  • DoTS does not provide training for Qualtrics. Qualtrics users should follow the instructions provided in the help and tutorials section. Account users may also choose support and feedback to contact Qualtrics directly. When logged into Qualtrics, help and support resources available to you are located in the upper right corner.
    Support Buttons
  • Some surveys may require approval by the UWRF Institutional Research Board. Visit the IRB web site to find our more.
  • The Director of Institutional Research has primary oversight of Qualtrics survey distribution rights. Contact ir@uwrf.edu to have survey distribution rights turned on.

Instructions for Faculty, Staff, and Student Use

  • Faculty and Staff: Instruct your students to use the tutorials provided by Qualtrics to create their surveys. Inform the Director of Institutional Research (ir@uwrf.edu) that students will be requesting distribution rights to send out IRB approved surveys.
  • Students: Refer to your instructor for assistance with creating surveys. Contact the Director of Institutional Research (ir@uwrf.edu) to request that distribution rights be turned on. Identify the class and the instructor when making requests.

Survey Building Tips for Users

  • Understand and clearly articulate your objective.
  • Determine the type of questions that are needed to optimally obtain information required.
  • Recommended: Write, review, and test your questions before adding them to a Qualtrics survey.
  • Inside Qualtrics: From the My Surveys page, click on the Create Survey tab and choose the Quick Survey Builder option (recommended).
  • Test the survey to determine how long it takes to complete and collect feedback.
  • Decide how you will distribute the survey. You may email a link or use a panel. Refer to the tutorials to determine how to use these methods.
  • To have the distribution rights for your survey turned on, contact Director of Institutional Research (ir@uwrf.edu


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