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UWRF's digital learning environment.

UWRF's student information system.

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Pinned Article Software: How do I purchase or get access to software?

It depends on your affiliation with UWRF, what type of software you are seeking, and where it will be installed.

Pinned Article Webex: Joining a Meeting

How to join a Webex meeting hosted by someone at UWRF.

Pinned Article Webex: Video and Audio Conferencing

Meet virtually - one to many or many to many.

Adobe Creative Cloud: I'm getting asked to log in and I cannot

Adobe changed their way of doing business.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Licensing

High level Adobe Creative Cloud licensing, installation.

Adobe Creative Cloud: Your license is expiring

Adobe changed their way of doing business.

Adobe Reader DC: Signing a PDF Document

How to digitally sign a PDF document.

Audio Conferencing

Web and audio conferencing options.

BP Logix: Frequently Asked Questions

All about submitting electronic forms and the processes that are used with the forms.

Camtasia: Camtasia 9 cannot load the library

Camtasia error when off campus.

Chalk & Wire: Cannot log in

Teacher Certification Portfolio software

Cisco Jabber: 911 Response Location

Get your 911 location info into Jabber.

Cisco Jabber: FAQs

Common Jabber application questions/answers.

Cisco Jabber: Installation

Get the software that allows you to make/receive phone calls.

Cisco Jabber: Navigation

How to call, check voicemail, log into/out of hunt groups, etc.

Cisco Jabber: Problem Report Tool (PRT)

How to report a Jabber call issue.

Class Climate: Course Evaluations

How students complete the end of term course evaluation survey.

Degree Audit Report

Degree audit reports are available via eSIS.

Degree Audit Report: Error when adding a "what if" minor

The minor might not exist in the selected catalog year.

Degree Audit Report: ORA-12154 Error While Running Desktop Software that Connects to an Oracle Database

How to verify the TNS_ADMIN variable is correct and how to change it if it isn't.

Email List: Adding Subscribers

There are two easy ways of managing LISTSERV list membership.

Email List: Automatically Populated Lists

Automatically populated employee LISTSERV lists.

Email List: Errors or Bounce Messages

LISTSERV has features for handling invalid addresses.

Email List: How do I change settings and manage my list?

Where to go to manage your LISTSERV list and subscription options.

Email List: Logging In

Assistance with logging into LISTSERV.

Email List: Managing Editors, Moderators and Owners

How to configure owners, editors and moderators in LISTSERV along with basic information on what they can do.

Email List: Preventing Unwanted Subscribers

Several features for restricting list subscription requests

Email List: Removing Subscribers

Multiple methods for unsubscribing addresses.

Email List: Subscribing

Subscribing to a UWRF LISTSERV e-mail list.

Email List: Subscription Probe and Monitoring Alert Emails

Automatically monitoring and removing bad addresses from lists.

Email List: Terminology

A glossary of LISTSERV terms.

Email List: Unsubscribing

LISTSERV has two ways of unsubscribing.

Email List: Viewing Subscribers

Two ways to view LISTSERV list membership.

Email List: What lists am I subscribed to?

Two ways of viewing your LISTSERV memberships.


Reliable collaborative network file storage at UWRF.

FalconShare: Accessing from the Web

Off campus? Access file space via FalconShare Web Access.

FalconShare: Creating a Public Link

How to share FalconShare documents.

FalconShare: Drive Mapping in Mac OS

Access FalconShare file space on a Macintosh computer on the campus network.

FalconShare: Drive Mapping in Microsoft Windows

Access FalconShare file space on a Windows computer on the campus network.

FalconShare: Group/Committee Folder

Collaborate with colleagues using FalconShare group or committee folders.

Foswiki: Logging In

About your username and logging into Foswiki.

ImageNow: Not connecting while working off campus

It might be how you connect to your VPN.

Kaltura MediaSpace: Disabling Cookies in Safari

Turning off Intelligent Tracking Prevention.

LinkedIn Learning


Qualtrics: Account has expired

Talk with Institutional Research.

QuickBooks: Application "Freezing"

Quickbooks may crash or freeze during application use.

Remark Test Analysis: Scantron Form Reports

Analysis software for scanned answer sheet forms.

Self Service: How to Install macOS/iOS Software

Steps to install software via Self Service.

Shared Email Box: Access from Mac

How to open a shared mailbox with the Mac Office 365 Outlook client.

Shared Email Box: Access from the Web

How to access a shared mailbox using the Office 365 web interface.

Software Center: Windows Software Installation

Getting to know Software Center.

Software Purchasing: What DoTS Needs From You

The steps for purchasing software for use on university-owned devices.

SPSS: "Your license will expire in XX Days."

The license is renewed annually and sometimes there are expiration messages.

SPSS: Not available to download from Software Center

The license is renewed annually and sometimes there are some timing issues.

Streaming Video Services

Includes Films on Demand and Kanopy.

Supported Business Software

A list of DoTS-supported software at UWRF.

UWRF Class Schedule: Download/Import Your Schedule

Get your class schedule on your calendar.

Webex Teams: Delete a Space

Removing an unwanted "space" (conversation area).

WebEx: Event Hosting

Steps on hosting an event.


Zoom is available through a UW System license.