Email List: How do I change settings and manage my list?

List Settings

Upon logging in to LISTSERV, select List Configuration from the LISTSERV menu.

LISTSERV list configuration menu

To change settings and configure the list, choose List Management > List Configuration and choose the tab area you'd like to work on.

LISTSERV configuration wizard tabs

The most common changes are to moderators and list owners which are found on the List Maintenance tab. The list owners are those people allowed to make changes to the list configuration and who receive subscribe/unsubscribe requests, if so configured. Editors and moderators only affect moderated lists. Those settings work in conjunction with the Send configuration on the Access Control tab. You can select the green ? icon for more information about each setting.

If you have additional questions about how to configure your LISTSERV list to behave the way you want, please feel free submit a service request and DoTS can help.

Personal Preferences

You can also create your own preferences on how you'd like to receive email from your lists and how often, etc. Choose preferences in the upper right hand corner.

LISTSERV preferences

Choose from the different tabs to set your personal preferences.

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