Email List: Managing Editors, Moderators and Owners

To manage editors, moderators and owners of a LISTSERV list:

  1. Log into LISTSERV if you have not already
  2. Go to your list dashboard (choose List Configuration from the List Management menu)
  3. Select the Administrators tab and update the values you wish to change


The person or list of persons who "own" the list. They are responsible for controlling access to the list and configuring it. Every list must have at least one non-quiet owner. Quiet owners do not get administrative e-mails but still have access to configure the list. (more details)


The person or list of persons who can post to a moderated list without moderation. When used in conjunction with the Send=Editor option (on the orange Access Control tab, it causes all mail sent to the list to be automatically forwarded to the first person listed as editor who will then determine whether to allow it to be distributed to the list. The editors are the only persons (with the list owners) who are allowed to mail directly to the list. ANY editor can send mail to the list while only the FIRST one will receive copies of mail sent to the list (but see also Moderator below). (more details)


The person or list of persons who may receive notices of postings to approve. The default is the first editor as defined by the Editor= keyword. If multiple moderators are defined, the load is spread across them. If the parameter All is set before the list of moderator addresses, LISTSERV sends copies of all postings to all moderators, any of whom may approve the message. (more details)

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