Email List: Logging In

The login site is for the campus LISTSERV is

You can choose the login upper right corner, which may show as "Log In" or a padlock (see below) depending on your screen size.

LISTSERV Log In link

  • If you have an active Falcon Account: Log in with your UWRF email address and Falcon Account password. The change password button will not function.
  • If you are using another email address: You may need to create a login password for that address first. Select the get a new LISTSERV password link. Once you have created your account, check your email for a verification of your subscription and select the link to login.

LISTSERV Log In form

Once logged in, you will see a list of all LISTSERV lists that have archive links. To view lists you're subscribed to, click the UWRF header and navigate to Subscriptions.

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