Email List: Adding Subscribers

Adding subscribers via the website

Make sure you're logged in to LISTSERV, then choose Subscriber Management (circled in blue) from the List Management menu (circled in yellow).

LISTSERV Subscriber Management menu

On the Subscriber Management page, select the list you want to manage from the Select List dropdown. 

Adding a Few Subscribers

Enter the email addresses one at a time into the box provided. Select the appropriate notification option.

Add New Subscriber: Email Address and Name

After selecting the Add to LISTNAME button, LISTSERV displays the results of the request in blue text near the top of the page or an error message if the request was unsuccessful.

Bulk Addition of Subscribers

The first step for bulk subscribing is to create a plain text file containing the e-mail addresses you wish to subscribe. Plain text files can be created using Notepad on Windows computers or TextEdit (using the appropriate edit menu option) on Mac computers. Once you have the file, Once you have the file, visit Subscriber Reports and click Bulk Operations

Add Subscribers - Bulk Operations

Click "Browse..." to browse for the file and then import it. Note that there is a function to replace all current subscribers and with new ones from the file if you so choose.

Bulk operations add option

Adding subscribers via email

Alternatively, as a list owner, you can send an email to with the body containing one or more lines like:

QUIET ADD LISTNAME emailaddress *

- QUIET is optional; if omitted, a welcome message will be sent to the subscriber
- LISTNAME is the name of the email listserv
* may optionally be replaced with the first and last name of the subscriber


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