Email List: Removing Subscribers

Removing A Few Subscribers

After logging in, select Subscriber Management from the List Management menu.

LISTSERV Subscriber Management menu

Select the list you want to manage from the Select List dropdown. In the subscriber report, check the boxes to the left of the users you wish to remove from your list, then click the Delete Subscribers button below report.

Select subscriber to delete

Bulk Removal

Bulk removal can be done by using the bulk management option under Subscriber Reports (under the List Management menu) and not uploading a file.

LISTSERV Subscriber bulk operations option

After you've clicked "Bulk Options", select the option to Replace current subscribers with the imported addresses, then click Import without specifying a file. The popup will display the number of addresses removed. Close the popup and click OK to refresh the page when prompted.

Via Email

Alternatively, as a list owner, you can send an email to with the body containing one or more lines like:

DEL LISTNAME emailaddress

- LISTNAME is the name of the email listserv

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